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The New Chaos GT1600 Is Here

23 October 2020 11:15

Similar but different, the new Chaos GT1600 electric scooter offers a whole host of new and exciting features.

Available in black and white colours, both models have the same features outlined in this article below.

From a new hub drive brushless motor to an LCD display that tells you the information you need to know whilst riding and more.

The upgraded electric scooter brings fun for adults because, why should the kids have all the fun?

1600 Watt Hub Drive Motor

A brushless motor offers far superior performance compared to a brush motor.

A brushless motor offers extended ride times and the acceleration is almost instantaneous!

You’ll feel and notice the difference when you ride on an electric scooter with a brushless motor compared to an electric scooter with a brush motor.

48v 15.6AH Lithium-ion Battery

The battery on the new Chaos GT1600 has also been upgraded, featuring longer ride times and further distances.

With a charge time between 6-8 hours, you can charge it overnight, ready for the next day!

And with a maximum mileage of 40km (depending on rider weight, terrain and how it’s ridden), we can already tell you’ll love the new battery on this scooter.

10 Inch Big Wheel Tyres

The tyres accompanied by the front and rear spring suspension means that this scooter can handle dirt tracks and bumpy roads.

They’re much more sturdy and grip to the road so that when you ride the scooter, you’ll feel the grip, the precision of handling and enjoy the way it rides.

LCD Large Dash Display

Never worry again about how long left you to have on your electric scooter with the new LCD large dash display. It will tell you the current battery level as well as what gear you’re currently in.

Allowing you to just focus on the ridge without having to worry about battery levels and gears.

Ready To Buy The New Chaos GT1600?

Get your brand new Chaos GT1600 electric scooter from FunBikes today.

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Fun For The Little Ones With The Peg Perego Ride On Toy Range

16 October 2020 01:13

Why should the big kids have all the fun?

The Peg Perego ride-on toy range brings fun to toddlers and little riders alike.

With many different toys such as tractors, motorbikes and train sets, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect toy for your little one.

Who Is Peg Perego?

Established in 1949, Peg Perego is an Italian, family-run business that brings Italian quality and style to a range of ride-on toys.

The Made In Italy stamp provides a promise to customers and guarantees quality and integrity in all of the products they produce.

With over 70 years of history in the baby products and ride-on toy industry, they’ve become a leader in their market with passion and customers who love their products.

We stock all the Peg Perego range including the very special John Deere tractors!


Choose between a range of John Deere tractors and the New Holland T8 ride-on tractor with trailer. All tractors come with a 12v rechargeable battery and can withstand gentle off-road terrain.

Choose between a trailer, a bucket or a load, tipping box. Perfect for helping parents and grandparents out around the garden!


Most Peg Perego motorbikes come with a 12v rechargeable battery, except for the Raider Princess Kids 6v ride-on three-wheel motorbike, perfect for little princesses of the road!

With two miniature Ducati motorbikes to choose from your little ones can get a taste of the real thing!

Or maybe cruise along on a Vespa, beautifully designed and modelled on Vespa’s iconic design. And with a helmet to match, you can be one of the stylish riders on the road!

Whichever you choose to ride, there’s plenty of options available for boys and girls!


Here at FunBikes, we are well-known for our quad bikes, big and small. So it may not come as a surprise that we stock quad bikes at the very miniature level, for even the little ones to enjoy.

Starting with a 12v Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw ride-on quad bike, you can introduce your little ones to learning the basics of riding a quad and having hours of endless fun!

But if you have a little daredevil on your hands, perhaps a 24v rechargeable battery is more like what they need. And with the Peg Perego Polaris Ranger and Guacho Superpower, you can have just that!

Get Your Ride-On Toy From FunBikes Today

With so many ride-on toys available from Peg Perego, find the perfect ride-on toy for your little daredevil online at FunBikes today!

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3 Reasons Junior Quad Bikes Rock

09 October 2020 04:05

We’re back with another article in the “3 Reasons…” series to bring you 3 reasons why junior quads rock!

Your little ones aren’t so little anymore and are starting to outgrow and get too big for their mini quad bikes.

And they’ve ridden it so much that it barely works anymore.

So it might be time to finally get them a brand new junior quad bike.

We can already hear your concerns, “but they’re much bigger, they’re more powerful and they’re more dangerous than mini quad bikes”.

We want to put those concerns to bed by giving you 3 reasons why junior quad bikes rock and why you should make the upgrade today.

The Same Safety Features Still Apply

One of the best things about the mini quad bike range is that you could control how fast the quad bike goes.

Well, the same rules apply for the junior quad bikes as there is a throttle restrictor that comes as standard in most if not all our quad bikes.

So you can still maintain control of how fast the quad bike goes, how much power the quad delivers and how confident your child is on the bike so you can adjust accordingly.

Bigger Bikes & More Choice

The idea is that you buy your child a mini quad bike so that they can work their way through junior all the way up to the real sized adult versions!

Along the way gaining confidence, getting more to grips with their quad bike and overall becoming more and more experienced.

Whilst in the junior quad bike range there are still sizes to suit 5-9-year-olds, there are also quads to suit 10-14-year-olds.

Bikes that are bigger, more powerful and with so many more motor size options, you can truly find the right quad bike for your young roughrider!

Petrol & Electric

You can still choose between electric or petrol quad bikes and that is something we will never take away from you, the choice of which model to suit you and your needs.

Maybe your child enjoys riding around the garden on their electric quad bike, it’s quiet enough that it won’t disturb neighbours but is still as much fun to drive as the petrol version.

Speaking of which, the petrol version does add that realism of riding a real quad bike, because, in fact, your child will actually be riding a real quad bike. The smell of petrol, the roar of the engine. It can help overcome any nervousness or intimidation.

And while both bikes help your child gain confidence, learn the importance of safety and responsibility. It really comes down to personal preference. But we’re happy to give you that choice as opposed to only giving you one model to choose from.

Ready To Buy A Junior Quad Bike?

Take a look at the range and find the quad for your child that you think will suit them best.

Maybe it’s a T-Max Roughrider? Or A Xtrax Sport? Whichever quad bike you choose, you’ll be buying from a trusted supplier who loves our range of quad bikes just as much as you do.

So don’t wait, take a look at the Junior quad bike range and find the next quad bike for your child online today.

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The All-New FunBikes MXR 1500w Mini Dirt Bike Is Here!

02 October 2020 03:40

We’ve got a special release for our customers this week. MXR has been releasing much-loved bikes for years now, and the MXR1500 isn’t going to be any different.

With so many features, the MXR1500 is bigger, stronger and has a better specification than any other electric mini dirt bike before.

And what’s better is that the MXR1500 has been released just in time for Christmas!

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best features and specs this bike has to offer.

But to be honest, it’s hard to ignore the power and speed this bike has.

The DC Brushless Motor

The MXR1500 dirt bike is powered by one of the best and biggest motors available in this range.

The 1500w motor is powerful and can easily produce as much or as little power as you want, but we’ll talk more about this later.

It’s an upgrade from our 1300w electric MXR motor and with a 48v lithium battery you’ve got even more time to enjoy the ride.

Reach speeds of up to 40km/h and with a range of up to 25km, you can have fun in almost any environment.

Twistgrip Throttle

You might think that a twistgrip throttle should come standard with any dirt bike, it’s almost become expected. And there’s a good reason for it.

One of the most compelling reasons for owning a dirt bike, especially the MXR1500, is to rev the bike and go!

It just adds authenticity and realism to this dirt bike, and it’s important to note this isn’t a ride-on toy and shouldn’t be treated as one.

This is a mini dirt bike that gives your daredevil child the chance to learn how to ride a motorbike from an early age to build up the confidence to go for bigger bikes as they get older.

Speed Dial Settings

One of the most exciting key features this bike has is the throttle response.

Your child (or you) can be in control of how much power you want the bike to deliver.

Is your son or daughter just starting out? Try a soft and gentle setting to help them get to grips of how to handle the bike and how to ride it.

Or are they a seasoned pro? Why not try them on a sporty and aggressive setting so they can push the bike to its limits!

But from your perspective, you can stay in control of how fast you want the bike to go and how well you think your child can handle the different speed settings.

Buy The All New MXR1500 Mini Dirt Bike Today

The FunBikes MXR 1500w 48v Lithium Electric Kids Dirt Bike is online and ready to buy today.

We offer financing from as little as £30.98 per month and if you’re thinking of buying this as a Christmas present, just let us know in the checkout by ticking the “This is a Christmas Gift” box and we’ll store the bike until nearer the time.

Don’t miss out and get the all-new MXR1500 mini dirt bike from FunBikes today.

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The All-New Xtrax 125cc Petrol Junior Quad Bike

23 September 2020 01:52

The Xtrax 125cc Petrol Junior Quad Bike has officially arrived at FunBikes and we’re already excited about our newest addition to our junior quad bike range!

It just keeps getting better and better for the junior quad range.

The new Xtrax 125cc Quad Bike has so many features that we will be discussing in this article and we’re giving parents the option of “Ready To Ride” meaning free assembly for the new quad bike.

In the run-up to Christmas, this is certainly a great Christmas present ready to order today!

125cc 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Engine

As with many of the junior quad bikes, the 4-stroke single-cylinder engine has become a standard and that’s because of the power it produces.

The 125cc motor allows for power where you most need it, off-road. And off-road is the only place to drive the Xtrax Quad Bike.

With the engine and power underneath you, there are really no challenges or obstacles this quad bike can’t take on and overcome!

Electric Start & Rev N Go

We’ve always said that part of the fun of riding a quad bike is the rev n go function, simply rev the quad bike to go!

And with the Xtrax you can do just that.

With a full electric start and the rev n go feature, it makes riding this quad bike as close to the real thing as possible!

And there’s no need to worry about changing gears or anything like that, the Xtrax quad bike is fully automatic, so your kid can just enjoy riding around on their brand new quad bike for hours without having to worry about the nitty gritty.

Safety First

Before we even think about selling a quad bike, we always put it through rigorous tests to make sure it’s 100% safe for the children who will ride it.

Before we send the bike to you we will assemble, test & perform a full pre-delivery inspection of this vehicle before dispatching the bike to you. So you can rest assured it’s going to be in full working order and ready to ride when you get it.

Not only that but we make sure that the Xtrax is fully CE Tested and Quality approved.

And with an abundance of safety features including a kill switch, fully enclosed safety footwells and a throttle restrictor, you - the parent - can remain in control of how fast the quad bike actually goes, just so that your child won’t hurt themself while riding under your supervision.

Buy The All-New Xtrax 125cc Quad Bike Today!

Available to buy at FunBikes the all-new Xtrax 125cc Quad Bike is in stock and ready to buy whether it’s for an up-coming birthday or for Christmas, you won’t be disappointed with the Xtrax 125cc Petrol Quad Bike.

Buy yours now online at FunBikes today!

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The FunBikes Christmas Club Is Now Open!

16 September 2020 12:58

With Christmas right around the corner, it’s that time of year again where we open up our FunBikes Christmas Club.

For those who don’t know what Christmas Club is, you’ll start to notice on our product pages a little message that says:

And that’s exactly it! You can buy your Christmas presents now for your little daredevils and we’ll hold them for you until nearer the time.

When you go ahead and start the checkout process, be sure to select the box “This Is A Christmas Gift” so that we know not to send your quad bike or motorbike until nearer Christmas,

That way you save on space and we will send you the product between the 5th and 20th December, just in time for Christmas!

Why Should I Use The FunBikes Christmas Club?

We understand that if you buy a quad bike or a dirt bike, it can be quite difficult to store and hide, especially if you don’t have the extra space.

That’s why we offer FunBikes Christmas Club, so you can buy today and receive the present nearer the time, saving you space that would normally be used to store the present for 2-3 months.

Once you’ve made your purchase you can sit back and relax. We’ll take care of the rest and make sure you get your present before Christmas kicks in!

Oh, and there’s no need to worry about your warranty running out over the months leading up to Christmas because the warranty starts on Christmas Day.

Start Using The FunBikes Christmas Club Today!

Just remember to tick the “This is a Christmas Gift” on the checkout page and then proceed with your order as you normally would.

The FunBikes Christmas Club is available for most of our products if you see the message on the product page, and in the checkout, then you know that the product is eligible for the Christmas Club.

So what are you waiting for? Start your Christmas shopping spree early and use the FunBikes Christmas Club to your advantage! 

Beat the rush before the advent calendars hit the shelves and buy online now!

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FunBikes Covid-19 Update: 15th September 2020

15 September 2020 03:44
We want to update our customers on the current status of FunBikes in relation to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Due to the current Coronavirus situation and the restrictions placed upon working space, for the safety of our staff and customers, we are currently unable to open the showroom.

Furthermore, based on the current guidelines and government information, it is unlikely we will be opening the showroom before the new year.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

All delivery estimates are accurate in the checkout, we aim to get your products to you as soon as we can, so please bear with us as we are working non-stop to get your products to you.

The sales, customer service and technical support lines are open as normal - Monday to Saturday 10 am - 5.30 pm. Sunday 10 am - 4 pm.

Be sure to keep checking back as we update our customers on the current situation of our business and stay up to date with all the latest news from FunBikes.

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3 Reasons To Love The All-New Funkart Pro

11 September 2020 04:04

Continuing with our series on the “3 reasons…” we’ve just had the Funkart Pro go-kart arrive and we think it’s awesome!

So much so that we’ve decided to focus our article this week on the new go-kart that we believe is going to become very popular.

We’ll be taking a look at both models, the 98cc petrol model and the 1000w electric model too and talking about three main reasons why you should consider getting the Funkart Pro!

Fast, Fun & Thrilling

If your child is undoubtedly a thrill-seeker or a small adrenaline junkie! Then the Funkart Pro is exactly what they need to curb their enthusiasm.

In the petrol models, the 98cc engine can reach speeds of up to 37 km/h! And believe us, on a go-kart, that is fast!

And that’s why we would advise that your child is comfortable driving a go-kart. If it’s their first time driving a go-kart, then we would advise going for the 1000w electric version.

The 1000w motor sounds intimidating at first glance, but with a low and high-speed functionality that can be changed in the settings, you (the parent) can stay in control and help your child get used to driving a fast go-kart, before switching them up to the high-speed setting.

Fully Safe & CE Approved

When parents think of go-karts they think of fast, unsafe miniature-formula one style cars! And that’s simply not the case.

Whilst they are fast and a lot of fun, we make sure that they’re 100% safe to drive even before we get them in stock.

It’s important to us that we make sure our bikes, scooters, quads and go-karts are completely safe to drive and ride for your children.

We do also recommend that you dress your children in the correct and appropriate safety equipment which you can find here. Just so that if anything were to ever happen, they’re prepared and ready!

Financing Already Available!

With the run-up to Christmas now right around the corner as summer comes to an end, we know that if you have many children all asking for different presents, that this time of you can be quite difficult for mums and dads and that’s why we offer financing to help ease the pressure of having to pay for large and expensive presents upfront and all at once.

Not only that but with the FunBikes Christmas Club soon to be back in action, you can buy now and select “This is a Christmas Gift” in the checkout and we’ll hold the present for you until just before Christmas kicks off!

This is because you may not have the room to store the present for the next 2-3 months until Christmas Day arrives and we want to help you at all costs, give your children the Christmas they deserve and easing the pressure for you, with financing the present.

Ready To Buy The Funkart Pro?

There are so many reasons why you should buy the Funkart Pro, whether that’s petrol or electric, it’s completely up to you.

Whichever model you decide to buy, we know your children will love it and have hours of endless fun driving around in it.
Buy the Funkart Pro online at FunBikes today!

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3 Reasons Why Electric Balance Bikes Rock

03 September 2020 12:20

We’ve previously looked at 3 Reasons Why Electric Mini Quads Rock, so we’ve decided to make this a fun series of articles where, we’ll take a look at some of our bikes, quads and scooters and find 3 reasons why they rock!

In this article, we’ll be looking at 3 Reasons Why Electric Balance Bikes Rock. No, we’re not talking about motorbikes or even adult electric bikes, but balance bikes!

With the release of the all-new Amped A16 balance bike, we figured it’d be a great time to look at 3 reasons why balance bikes rock and why you should consider getting one for your child.

Teach Children The Basics

Riding a normal bicycle can be challenging the first time around.

There are so many different things to learn and consider when learning how to ride a bike. But once your child has mastered it, there’s no stopping them! As their bike becomes their everything.

They’re free to explore and can go nearly anywhere… or at least where Mum and Dad allow!

But what’s next? What if they want to have a motorbike? Well, an electric balance bike might be the best idea!

They will learn the basics and fundamentals which can also be applied to motorbikes. Learning how to control the bike, use their body weight and momentum to work with the bike and more!

Learn The Importance of Safety

Riding any vehicle or bike can be dangerous and that’s why it’s important to wear the correct safety equipment when riding.

But it doesn’t end there.

Whilst you as a parent can dress them in the correct protective clothing, it’s also up to your children to learn the importance of safety and to be responsible on their balance bike.

This could range from anything between riding on a busy road alone or going full speed when they’re still learning how to ride the bike.

It’s important that they take responsibility because not only will it give them a sense of ownership and being in control, it will also help them develop the discipline they need for when they want to upgrade to a motorbike.

Eco And Boost Mode

*Specifically for the Amped A16 Balance Bike

Eco and Boost mode is a new feature from Amped for their all-new A16 balance bike. It’s 2-speed settings which allow you to control how fast the bike goes.

On Eco mode the bikes maximum speed is 7.5mph whereas on Boost mode, the bikes maximum speed is 12.5mph.

The reason why we love this and why it rocks is because it’s great for everyone!

For parents it’s great to be able to control the speed of the balance bike, ensuring safety measures where they need to be and limiting your child to Eco mode while they’re young and turning on Boost mode for when they’re older.

And for kids, they will love their bike straight out of the box and as they grow older and start to get more confident and gain experience on the bike, turning on Boost mode will feel like a completely brand new electric bike for them as they will now be able to ride 12.5 mph!

Either way, they’ll love every minute spent on their balance bike due to the control and freedom they have over riding it, regardless of which mode they’re in.

Get An Electric Balance Bike Today!

Amped are the main players in the market! So take a look at their range and choose between the Amped A10 which is one of the most popular electric balance bikes on the market.

Or with the release of the new Amped A16 experience all the upgrades and brand new features to have one of the hottest balance bikes in the market.

Buy now from FunBikes today!

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The All-New Amped A16 Electric Balance Bike

28 August 2020 01:46

The Amped A10 is one of the most popular electric balance bikes on the market, helping children learn how to ride at an early age to teach them the fundamentals and basics of riding a motorbike.

So no wonder it quickly became a popular bike on the market!

Amped is now back with their latest electric balance bike, the older brother of the A10 which sees many new and exciting features.

Enter the Amped A16.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the exciting new features the Amped A16 has to offer!

Fully Integrated Rear Hub Motor

The Amped A16 is the first electric balance bike to feature a fully integrated rear hub motor.

This means that power is instant and in turn, creates less of drag has very little to no noise coming from the bike itself and is low maintenance which is perfect for Mums and Dads who aren’t very technically minded when it comes to fixing bikes!

The A16 is ideal for riding on dirt trails, or smooth surfaces where the bike can really perform to it’s maximum ability!

Rear Disc Brake

The new rear disc brake allows for total responsiveness when applying the brake. When your child is riding around on an electric bike, one of the most important factors is their own safety.

You don’t need to worry here as the rear disc brake is excellent and sharp allowing for a complete stop, even with the slightest touch the brake is super responsiveness which is excellent in case your child needs to stop immediately and safely.

The A16 rear disc brake really is a breaking system like no other!

Eco & Boost Modes

For a relaxing walk in the countryside, while your little one rides around on their brand new A16 bike, Eco mode is the best option.

Reaching speeds of up to 7.5mph it’s ideal for younger children who are just getting used to their new bike and who have never ridden an electric bike before. The Eco mode allows your child to learn the basis before stepping up to Boost mode!

Boost mode is limited to 12.5mph and is ideal for when your little one is ready to take the next step up. It almost becomes a brand new bike!

As they can speed away on long, straight flats, getting to grips of controlling the bike, pushing it to its limits! Although this is better suited for children who are more experienced on the bike and have been riding for months if not years!

Ready To Ride The Amped A16?

The all-new Amped A16 is in stock and available to buy online at FunBikes today!

If you want to teach your child the basics of riding a motorbike and help introduce some fundamental skills of balance, control and the importance of safety, look no further than the Amped A16.

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Reviewing The Zero 10 & Gotrax G4 Electric Scooters

21 August 2020 12:05

Recently we’ve been reviewing our range of quad bikes that we have on our website.

But this week we thought we’d take a break and review adult electric scooters instead.

And in this article, we’ll be taking a look at the Zero 10 and Gotrax G4 electric scooters.

As always, we won’t be comparing the two scooters against each other but instead, taking a look at each of the features that both electric scooters have to offer to help you make a better decision when it comes to buying an electric scooter.

Zero 10 Electric Scooter

The Zero 10 electric scooter starts from a 1000w powerful motor and leads up to a 2400w motor. It really depends on what you’re going to be using the scooter for which will ultimately impact which one you decide to go for.

With an optimal range of 70km with a top speed of 48km/h, it really is a great electric scooter for any occasion and is a true workhorse scooter.

The shock absorbers in the front steering column and the rear twin hydraulic suspension allow for an all-round fantastic ride that’s both smooth and offers precision handling.

So it may come as no surprise then that the Zero 10 is the electric scooter rivals are trying to beat, but the Zero 10 keeps on outperforming competitors and remains on top.

The Gotrax G4

The Gotrax G4 is the bigger brother of the former GXLV2 and whilst the GXLV2 proved to be a popular electric scooter amongst our customers, Gotrax came back and upgraded their scooter and launched the G4 with so many new and exciting features.

Gone is the 250w motor found on the GXLV2 and in comes the 300w motor that powers the G4. With optimal speeds of 25km/h and a range of up to 45km, the G4 is fun and exciting to ride!

Other features include a fully built-in digital lock, IPX6 level of water resistance and large 10-inch wheels that add durability and stability while riding.

All in all, this is a great electric scooter to ride that has seen numerous upgrades compared to its predecessor and will no doubt surely be as popular as the GXLV2.

Buy Your Electric Scooter Online Today

So there we have it, we hope that by knowing the different features of these two fantastic electric scooters that it has opened your eyes to help you choose which one you’re going to buy!

Both scooters are currently available to buy at FunBikes and we know for a fact that you won’t regret buying either of these scooters!

So head on over to our website to buy either the Zero 10 or the Gotrax G4 electric scooter today.

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Reviewing The Toxic 50cc And The Ranger 800w Mini Quad Bikes

14 August 2020 12:31

In this weeks article, we’re taking a petrol mini quad bike and an electric mini quad bike and reviewing both their features to see which might be the best option for you.

We don’t want this to be a competition between the two quad bikes or in fact, a discussion around “which is better, petrol or electric” as both have their pros and cons.

Instead, we purely want to focus on the benefits and key features of both quad bikes in order to help you make a decision when it comes to buying a mini quad bike for your child.

The Toxic 50cc Mini Petrol Quad Bike

The Toxic 50cc Mini Petrol Quad Bike is one of our best selling range of mini quads. And it’s not hard to see why!

Fun, fast, reliable and all-round value for money, the Toxic 50cc mini quad bike offers everything a little daredevil wants and needs in their quad bike.

With an easy pull-start, an improved carburettor and a strong steel frame that can accommodate your child’s weight as they grow and get older, it’s a great option for both the price and the sustainability and longevity of the quad bike.

With mild off-road use including grass and flat dirt trails, the mini quad can handle it.

But where this quad bike really comes into its own is on concrete and smooth driving surfaces.

The mini quad comes alive with smooth handling, agile corner taking and an all-round joy to drive!

So if you’re looking for good old petrol outdoor fun with your mini quad bike that can last throughout the years as your child gets older and bigger, then look no further than the Toxic 50cc mini quad bike.

The Ranger 800w Mini Electric Quad Bike

We’ve spoken a lot about the Ranger 800w Mini Electric Quad Bike and that’s because it’s one of our favourite mini quads we have in stock today!

And what’s not to love? LED headlights, big wheels and a strong and durable UTV style body. It’s tough, practical and fun to drive.

And with it being an electric mini quad bike, it’s almost silent meaning you can drive this for hours without disrupting the neighbours!

You might think it’s bigger than what it seems after all the images make it look like the real deal. But rest assured this is a true mini quad that’s perfect for the little rider and they’re not your traditional ride-on toys.

Similar to the Toxic 50cc it can handle mild off-road use such as grass and dirt trails, but ride it on the road and you’ll see what this mini quad is all about!

And as with the Toxic 50cc mini quad, the Ranger 800w has a strong enough build, frame and materials to withstand your child’s weight and size as they get older and bigger.

Meaning this is a great option for parents looking for a one-time investment to last for many years to come.

Buy Online At FunBikes Today

With so many fantastic features the Toxic 50cc and the Ranger 800w Mini Quad Bikes are a great option for an introduction into quad bikes and can last for many years to come.

And with financing available on both these models, we’ve made it even easier for you to spread the cost if you’d rather not pay the up-front cost.

Get a Toxic 50cc or a Ranger 800w mini quad bike for your little daredevil today!

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New Gotrax Scooters: See The Range

07 August 2020 04:46

New Gotrax Scooters: See The Range

With the release of the Gotrax G4 and XR Ultra, Gotrax has made significant upgrades and features on their new scooters.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best features that come fully equipped on these new scooters and comparing them to the previous model, the GXLV2 to see just how much they have improved.

Gotrax G4 36v 10.2AH 300w

The Gotrax G4 introduces an all-round fantastic performance scooter for adults. The G-Series delivers on speeds, distance and durability.

Improved in almost every aspect compared to the previous GXLV2 model.

Now you can ride up to 45 km per charge at speeds of 18 mph and with it being water-resistant and fully equipped with a built-in digital lock.

Choose between black or white to suit your style, but we’re confident that both colours are smart and professional without looking childish in any way.

Make no mistake about it, whether you opt for the G4 or the XR Ultra, these scooters are for adults.

Gotrax XR ULTRA 36v 7AH 300W

The XR Ultra offers a stronger motor, more range and certainly delivers on power and performance.

Fully powered by an improved 300w motor and an LG battery giving the rider the perfect combination of strength and battery life to take you on your commute.

You can ride up to 16 miles per charge at speeds of 15.5 mph.

And with a whole host of other features including an LED headlight, recharge indicator and IP54 water resistance, it’s easy to see why this will be a popular scooter!

Buy The New Gotrax Scooters Online Today

Beat the rush and get your brand new Gotrax scooter today!

Whether it’s the G4 or the XR Ultra, we’re sure that these scooters will deliver on everything you need them to do!

Buy yours today at FunBikes.

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Reviewing The New Releases: The Ranger 50cc And T-Max 70cc

31 July 2020 01:40

With the release of the new Ranger 50cc and T-Max 70cc junior petrol quad bikes, we thought it’d be a great opportunity to look at some of the key features that these quad bikes have to offer to help you make a decision when buying one.

The Ranger 50cc Petrol Mini Quad Bike

Fun, fast and reliable, the Ranger 50cc mini petrol quad bike takes everything a quad bike should have and improves on it.

With an easy setup and start, you can pretty much ride this bike right out of the box!

The easy pull-start, improved carburettor and overall improved reliability mean that this is one quad bike you should seriously consider buying!

Let’s take a look at some of the key features of this bike.

Higher Grade Wheel Bearings

These give the quad bike and wheels much longer life and can handle the weight of your children as they continue to grow and get older.

This saves costs as you won’t need to find and fix a replacement.


The Ranger 50cc is suitable for concrete, tarmac and mild off-road use such as gravel paths and flat grass. But this doesn’t mean that this is any less fun, you’ll see how much enjoyment your child will have riding one of these.

Rear Axle Safety Cover & Strengthening Bar

The last thing you want is an unstable and unreliable quad bike that is hard to ride and difficult to handle.

With the rear axle safety cover and strengthening bar, this allows for a smooth ride and handling for the rider.

The cover protects children from the moving parts and keeps them safe whilst riding the bike.

T-Max Roughrider 70cc Kids Quad Bike

One of the most loved quad bike brands on the FunBikes website, the T-Max is back again and this time they’ve released the Roughrider 70cc kids quad bike.

With a 70cc 4 stroke single-cylinder engine, a hydraulic rear disc brake and a push-button start, it provides everything your child wants in a quad bike.

And with safety features including a riders safety lanyard and a restrictable throttle, you can remain in control of the power and speed, ensuring that your children stay safe while riding.

Let’s take a look at some key features.

4 Stroke Single Cylinder Engine

The powerful and reliable 4 stroke single-cylinder engine that has featured in many T-Max models is back and just as good!

Fully robust, the engine starts via a push button with a fully automatic rev n go transmission and runs on unleaded petrol.

All in all delivering a product that is safe, simple and fun.

Restrictable Throttle

All parents naturally worry when their children start riding bikes, motorbikes and quad bikes. But with this restrictable throttle feature, you remain in control the whole time on how fast or slow the bike goes.

And your child won’t even notice anything different, they’ll still feel as though they are riding really fast and will continue to have hours of endless fun on the T-Max 70cc quad bike.

Riders Lanyard

Continuing with the safety theme, just to put parents’ minds at ease, the T-Max 70cc comes fully equipped with a riders lanyard.

This means that the rider can instantly “kill” the power of the bike by pulling the lanyard. And brings the bike to a safe stop.

Get These Brand New Bikes Today

As of early August, these quad bikes will be available to buy from FunBikes.

Take a look at all the different specifications and features both bikes have to offer. We promise you, they’re worth the money!

Ranger 50cc Petrol Mini Quad Bike

T-Max Roughrider 70cc Kids Quad Bike

And be sure to keep your eyes peeled for when they’re released to ensure you get one and beat the rush!

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Everything You Need To Know About The Brand New Kaabo Range

24 July 2020 04:39

Everything You Need To Know About The Brand New Kaabo Range

With the brand new Kaabo range soon to drop at FunBikes, we couldn’t be more excited to see our customers ride around on these fantastic electric scooters.

Mostly available in two colours, red or black, we’ve got a wide range of models and variants for you to take a look at.

From the lowest model spec the Kaabo Mantis, to the top of the range Kaabo Wolf 2, we know you’re in for a treat!

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, these scooters are perfect for everyone, regardless if you’re just starting our, or you’re a seasoned pro.

Let’s take a look at three of the most common features you’ll find across all these scooters and why they’re so good.


Really, it depends on which model you choose to go for, but all of the Kaabo electric scooters are impressively quick and can take on inclines, challenging terrain and other obstacles that you put in its way.

But looking closer at the different types of speeds:

Mantis 800w - Top speed 50km/h with an optimum range of 55km

Mantis 2000w - Top speed 60km/h with an optimum range of 70km

Mantis Pro 2000w - Top speed is 60km/h with a huge optimum range of 90km

Wolf 2 26AH - Top speed is 80km/h with a huge optimum range of 100km

Wolf 2 35AH - Top speed is 80km/h with a huge optimum range of 150km

We can clearly see that Kaabo aren’t messing around when it comes to the speed of their scooters! Even the Mantis 800w is 50km/h which is more than enough to get from A to B in a decent amount of time!

And as you go further up the models, the more serious the scooters are, the Wolf 2 35AH model tops out at 80km/h and we know for a fact, there’s plenty of fun to be had with that amount of speed!

But it comes down to what you’re most comfortable with and how you will use your Kaabo electric scooter.


It’s hard to ignore the braking features available on these scooters.

The lower spec models have a Cable Operated and E Brake system on the Mantis 800w and for the 2000w a Semi Hydraulic and E Brake system. Impressive and responsive enough to bring the scooter to a complete stop without much effort from the rider.

But the higher-end models, from the Mantis Pro 2000w and up feature full hydraulic front and rear disc brakes, with the renowned "minimotors" controller which allows for extra advanced functions such as ABS, and regenerative braking.

This is exciting because when riding at such high speeds, the increase in the wheels locking up and causing a potential risk are decreased due to the ABS and regenerative braking system included in the scooter.

All in all, you will feel the scooter respond to you as you want to stop, it’s fully responsive so you can brake without much effort.

On Road / Off Road Tyres

Available on the Wolf 2 is the option for on-road and off-road tyres.

Depending on what you will be using your electric scooter for, we think this is a great feature giving riders the option to select which scooter and tyre type they would prefer.

Wanting to ride on smooth tarmac or go to a skatepark and try out some tricks? The on-road tyres have got you covered!

Looking to test the limits of the scooter and go riding on some dirt trails? Then the off-road tyre is more for you.

Whichever you choose, you’ll see how durable and sustainable these tyres really are!

Get Your Kaabo Electric Scooter Today

With so many great features, so many models - 5 to be exact with 9 different variants, it can be hard to choose the right Kaabo scooter for you.

But consider who it’s for, how they will be using it and you’ll already start to form an idea of which scooter would be most suited to the rider.

But don’t hesitate, we’d strongly advise on beating the rush and getting your brand new Kaabo scooter online from FunBikes today!

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What Makes The M2R Dirt & Pit Bike Range Special?

17 July 2020 05:00
M2R Racing bikes are a great option for all children who want to start riding their own bikes.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, an intermediate or even an expert, there’s a bike for you from M2R Racing.

But what makes these bikes so special?

Why are they so popular?

We’ll be taking a look at some of the different models available, including the KMXR, KXF125 and then RF ranges to see why we believe they’re so popular.

4 Stroke Oil Cooled Engine

The M2R Racing bikes feature a YX Motorsports 140cc 4-stroke oil cooled engine.

The gearbox has been designed with a racing pattern in mind, purely for performance reasons. Effortlessly go from neutral at the bottom then 1-2-3-4 gears up.

And for quick restarts the engine is kick-in-gear, this is better because rather than having to shift and find neutral, your bike can be started in gear.

Vented Brake Discs

When you’re riding at high speeds you need to stop quickly.

That’s why with a vented brake disc, these bikes are so responsive and sharp when touching the brake.

Fitted at the front is the same twin pot hydraulic brake you’ll find on the spec supermoto race bikes, including a 220mm heat dissipating vented wavy front disc.

The rear brake is also hydraulic, a single pot, which is again coupled up to a vented 190mm wavy disc.

All in all, M2R bikes are so responsive to braking that even the slightest touch can slow your bike down.

Toned Gripped Seating

The last thing you want when riding your bike at top speed is to be sliding up and down the seat, struggling to maintain control of the bike and be comfortable.

Taken directly from motocross, these M2R bikes have a toned gripper seat included at no extra cost.

So when you’re taking a corner at speed, you can remain in one position, giving the rider full control over the bike at all times.

Furthermore, the material used keeps the rider comfortable and supported as they ride the bike.

Get Your M2R Bike Online Today

We offer financing on all M2R Racing bikes, to make it easier for you to spread the cost without having to pay the full amount straight away.

We have all the different M2R bikes mentioned in this article for you to buy today, so take a look online and choose the right bike for you.

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Zero Electric Scooters: The Ultimate Electric Scooter?

10 July 2020 03:58

Zero Electric Scooters: The Ultimate Electric Scooter?

With the new Zero electric scooters available to pre-order on Fun Bikes, we wanted to see if these high-flying scooters are some of the ultimate electric scooters on the market today.

Pushing the boundaries of what an electric scooter can do and bridging the gap between scooter and motorbike.

And with a variety of models including the Zero 9, Zero 10 and Zero 11, there’s plenty of variety to choose from.

Here are just some of the reasons why we think Zero electric scooters could be the ultimate electric scooter on the market today.


Powered by a Lithium Ion battery, these scooters are seriously fast! With a wide range of motors to choose from 600w, 1000w, 2000w, 2400w and 3200w you’ll find yourself riding at high speeds and getting from A-B in record times!

The lower models are for more intermediate riders, whilst the high-spec models of Zero 10 and 11 are for the experts!

Whichever Zero electric scooter you choose to go for, we promise you, they won’t disappoint!


Comfort is one of the key features offered by Zero as the decks make for a comfortable ride.

Especially if you are riding long distances, Zero have gone to great lengths to create a comfortable journey for the user.

Take the Zero 11X for example, which features a motorcycle-style twin steering pole with an ergonomic handlebar that curves towards the rider, thus eliminating the user having to bend forward or lean backwards.

Whilst the hydraulic spring suspensions and shock absorbers create one of the most comfortable rides on an electric scooter that we have ever seen.

And with the adjustable stiffness in the shock absorbers, you can tailor your scooter to the terrain you’re riding one, whether that’s on-road or off-road.


We’ve touched on the power of the Zero electric scooters and briefly mentioned the speeds, but let’s take a look at them in more detail.

The Zero 11X can reach speeds of up to 95kmh, you’ll notice how fast you can truly go! And with an optimum range of 120km, you can ride this electric scooter for miles before running out of power!

The lower-end models can still out-perform some of the top rivals on the market, the Zero 9, for example, can reach speeds of up to 40kmh, more than enough to have a lot of fun whilst riding and getting where you need to be.

Ready To Get Your Zero Electric Scooter?

These are just some of the benefits and features including in both the lower-end models and high-spec scooters. We hope it’s enough to get you hooked, because we certainly are!

Pre-order your Zero electric scooters online at Fun Bikes today and beat the rush!

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Why Off-Road Buggies Are Lots of Fun!

03 July 2020 09:59

Why Off-Road Buggies Are Lots of Fun!

Riding up a mountain, overcoming quick-sand and driving away from a T-Rex chasing you is no fun when you’re alone. It’s much better to share these moments with someone.

And that’s why part of the reason riding an off-road buggy is a lot of fun, your children can share those moments together… maybe not recreating some of those moments mentioned at the start, but certainly riding through challenging terrain and exploring a local forest with Mum and Dad whilst on a walk.

And it’s not just because brother and sister can ride together in their own buggy, off-road buggies are lots of fun for many reasons.

Let’s take a look.

Easy To Ride

With features such as an electric start, remote control engine and automatic transmission, it’s really easy for your children to jump in and go!

No need to worry about learning how to release a clutch or change gear, simply hop in and go. We’ve tried to make it as easy and as fun as possible.
Great For Holiday Adventures

Planning a holiday in the U.K.? If your kids have persuaded you to buy a trailer, you can easily fit the buggy in to take on holiday with you.

Not only is it fun for the kids, but you also avoid fees to rent a buggy which can sometimes be very expensive and only last for 30 minutes to an hour.

At least with your own buggy your children can ride it around the park for as long as they want.

Controllable Throttle Restrictor

Who said the kids have to have all the fun?

This is one of the key features on our range of off-road buggies whereby you can control how fast or slow the buggy actually goes.
And this is important if you’re concerned about the speeds that are possible to reach on the buggy. Or if you’re worried about your children hurting themselves.
As with any products we offer albeit bikes, buggies or quads, we always recommend children wear full protection whilst driving to avoid any injuries.

Safety should always be at the forefront of riding a bike or driving a buggy and that’s why we go to great lengths to make sure our products have key features such as throttle restrictors and provide safety clothing for full protection whilst riding.

Ready To Get An Off-Road Buggy?

From the FunBikes Shark RV50 156cc Black Mini Off Road Buggy to the FunBikes GT80 Trail Blazer 200cc Red Midi Off Road Buggy and more, we have a wide selection of seriously fun off-road buggies, all designed for the kids in mind to have hours of endless fun!

And with a 6-month warranty, financing and key safety features, why not buy from one of the leading quad bike, buggy and kids bike suppliers in the UK and buy your buggy online from FunBikes today.

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Chaos Powerboards: The Best Electric Scooters For Adults

17 June 2020 03:29

Chaos Powerboards: The Best Electric Scooters For Adults

You may think that electric scooters are for kids who can’t drive a car yet or afford an electric bike. It’s a great way to ride around without using too much physical energy and getting from A to B in a short amount of time.

The Chaos Powerboard range brings electric scooters to adults. Whether you need it for a cheap and sustainable way to get around, or you’d like to find your inner child, Chaos brings the fun back to adults.

With 48v up to 1600W brushless motors, long-lasting battery life and a cheaper alternative to other electric bikes and scooters on the market, we ask, are they the best electric scooters for adults?

Brushless Motor

The 1600W brushless motor delivers on peak performance, with longer riding times, a smooth, seamless ride where acceleration is almost instant.

In comparison to a standard brush motor, the brushless motor ticks all the boxes and you’ll notice the difference when riding.

And holding four batteries totalling 1600W this powerboard scooter gives you plenty of power!

Large 6” Sports Wheels

The big wheels on the Chaos electric scooter help when riding off-road as these sports tyres can handle more challenging terrain.

Ultimately, however, you will get the best performance on concrete or a trail track rather than uneven and more complex terrain.

With large sports wheels also comes a level of comfort when riding and the added full shock absorbent suspension means that this scooter will deliver on comfort and precision when riding.

High-Quality Design

The Choas Powerboards comes with a unique design that can be subtle or striking, depending on which you go for!

The wooden deck brings a sense of classic appeal to an otherwise modern scooter. The rest of the scooter is a Chromoly steel design, where the high-quality of the scooter shines through.

It’s designed using state of the art techniques and as a leader in the electric scooter market, Chaos specialises in this area and it’s not hard to see why with a range of powerboards like this.

The seamless one-touch fold away system makes the scooter easy to store, it’s relatively lightweight too so that it’s easy to transport and carry.

Buy Online At Fun Bikes

The Chaos Powerboard Electric Scooter range is a very popular product range and is constantly on and off our shelves, so if you’re thinking about buying an electric scooter, don’t hesitate to get a Chaos electric scooter online at Fun Bikes today.

With so many different models to choose from, you can find the right one for you.

And if you need advice, why not contact our customer support team? They’re always on-hand and happy to help you pick the right scooter for you.

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The Bike That’s Ready From Day One: The M2R Racing RF Supermoto Bike

11 June 2020 01:15

The Bike That’s Ready From Day One: The M2R Racing RF Supermoto Bike

The M2R Racing RF Supermoto Bike range is just anything but basic.

Providing fully adjustable front forks, a fully adjustable rear suspension and a powerful 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine. This bike really is ready to go straight out the crate!

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the top features the RF Supermoto Bike range has to offer!

Treaded Road Tyres

The road tyres provided on this bike allow for a stable and superior ride. You’ll find that the bike gives the rider maximum performance and precision when taking corners.

The durability and sustainability of the tyres are impressive as they continue to deliver, every time you jump on the bike.

Fully Adjustable

The fully adjustable front forks and rear suspension will help you maintain control on the track.

It can also help tailor the bike to the rider, creating a comfortable and fully responsive ride. So you can stay in control of the bike at all times and be comfortable whilst riding long distances.

140cc and 160cc Engine Options

With two different engine sizes to choose from, you can decide how much power you want the bike to produce.

One thing’s for sure is that you can reach maximum speeds and still maintain control over the bike.

Get The M2R RF Supermoto Bike Range Online at Fun Bikes

With both the 140cc and 160cc bikes available, you can find the right bike, with the perfect engine size for you or your child.

And with so many features it’s easy to see why this bike delivers on style, performance and cost!

Buy the M2R RF Supermoto Bike online at Fun Bikes today!

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Top 3 Reasons You Should Buy The M2R KX110F Pit Bike

05 June 2020 10:21

Top 3 Reasons You Should Buy The M2R KX110F Pit Bike

The M2R KX110F Pit Bike is the perfect entry-level bikes for kids who want to start their journey into the world of motorsport.

And whilst a lot of pit bikes can be very powerful and in some cases dangerous, the M2R KX110F helps teach your child about the importance of safety precautions and learning how to ride a motorbike correctly.

We’ll be looking at three of the best features this bike has to offer, including:
  • Kick-Start
  • 4 Stroke - Single Cylinder, Petrol Engine
  • Affordable Price


One of the key lessons anyone should learn before riding a bike is how to start the engine, and the M2R KX110F helps teach your child how to kick-start the bike to get it going!

The M2R KX110F isn’t a toy nor is it just a poorly made replica, it’s a high-quality pit bike that is as close to the real adult pit bikes as you can get.

The kick-start feature is as real as you would expect it to be on a normal motorbike and with other features including the twistgrip throttle and fully manual clutch, in terms of this bike being the “real deal,” you’ll struggle to find another pit bike that’s as close to the real thing as this one.

4 Stroke - Single Cylinder, Petrol Engine

The 110cc 4 stroke - single cylinder petrol engine offers high-performance and power.

In keeping with creating a pit bike that is as close to an adult version as possible, this pit bike does indeed come with a 3.5-litre petrol engine.

We know that your child wants the real thing and having a bike that would be operated by remote control, controlled by the parent and only lasts an hours ride, just takes all the fun and meaning out of why they want a bike in the first place.

By creating a bike that is powerful with a 110cc engine, that offers a fully operating petrol engine, puts the control in their hands and helps them to learn about how to look after their bike properly and how to ride safely.

Affordable Price

We’ve spoken about the features of the bike and by now you’d be expecting this bike to cost a lot of money. Something that is so closely modelled on the adult version, that has all these features, surely must cost a hefty amount.

However, you’d be pleasantly surprised as the KX110F is one of the cheapest pit bikes we have in stock!

So you don’t need to worry about saving up thousands of pounds in order to get your child this pit bike when it’s very well priced for the features you get.

As with all of the bikes that we sell, we would strongly recommend also buying the correct safety gear for your child, to make sure they’re fully protected in the event of any accidents, bumps or scrapes.

Get The KX110F Pit Bike From FunBikes

The KX110F is one of our most popular pit bikes, hence why we rarely have it in stock!

So if you’re reading this and you’re considering getting your little daredevil the KX110F pit bike, then take a look online now and hurry while stocks last.

Overall, this is a great entry-level pit bike that your child can have hours of fun on and be in control, learning the importance of safety, how to ride a pit bike and to help teach them while they’re young about the different features the bike has to offer.

Get the KX110F Pit Bike online today!

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Top 3 Reasons Why We’re Loving The Ranger 800w Mini Electric Quad Bike

22 May 2020 12:36

Top 3 Reasons Why We’re Loving The Ranger 800w Mini Electric Quad Bike

The Ranger 800w Mini Electric Quad Bike is quite simply a fantastic quad bike.

With up to 8 hours of fun, your little one will get a lot of use and enjoyment out of riding this electric quad bike.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the top 3 reasons why we’re loving the Ranger 800w mini quad bike.


The 800w power output gives your child up to 8 hours of fun and with a 36-volt hi-torque motor you will find they can speed off reaching speeds of 0-60 in just 3 seconds!
Ok, maybe we’re over-exaggerating a little, but it’s certainly surprisingly fast to say how strong and durable the quad bike is.

But parents, don’t worry as you can control the output of the power and speed your son or daughter reaches on this quad bike.
With your choice of three speeds being 8km/h, 15km/h and 20km/h you have complete control of how fast your child goes.

With a multitude of features including LED headlights, “rev n go” and 6” large wheels, the Ranger is the perfect all-round quad bike that is great for off-road adventures.

LED Headlights

The Ranger’s LED headlights allow for evening walks with the family where your child will even have fun riding around on their Ranger quad bike.
The headlights allow for visibility as the sun starts to set to allow riding on the bike until it’s time for their tea!

Rev n Go

Most of our bikes have the Rev n Go feature that allows your child to rev the bike and begin riding.

One of the most enjoyable parts of owning a bike is to rev the motor and whilst you may be thinking it could become quite loud, you’d be surprised to know that the bike is actually surprisingly quiet.

6” Large Wheels

With larger wheels comes more grip and stability on the bike itself.

Your little daredevils can drive off-road and still have plenty of grip and control over the quad bike.
Obviously the tougher the terrain, the harder the bike has to work, so we’d advise mostly driving on gentle off-road terrain to maintain the battery and continue to get the peak performance out of the bike.


Mums and Dads we understand when your child sees one of our bikes and instantly asks Santa for it or asks you for it on their birthday.

And for some, the up-front cost can seem quite expensive!

That’s why we offer financing options on selected models of The Ranger Electric Quad Bike, so you can split the payments up over a period of time, rather than having to pay an upfront cost, all at once.

We’ve also made it easier by offering free delivery on The Ranger Electric Quad Bike range and right now you can save up to £100 on our Ranger Electric Quad Bike models, so be sure to check the offer is still on to save money when purchasing.

Get Your Ranger Electric Quad Bike Today

With so many fantastic features and at a great price, it’s hard not to want one of these bikes for your child!

Take a look at all the features and specifications and see for yourself how amazing this quad bike is.

And in a variety of colours, this bike comes in green, blue and red, so you can leave this hard decision up to your little one!

Buy the Ranger online today and make the most by saving money on delivery.

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Could The Amped A10 Be The Best Balance Bike?

15 May 2020 04:57
Amped A10 Balance Bikes

Could The Amped A10 Be The Best Balance Bike?

Now, before you think we are being biased, although we probably are just a little bit, we simply can’t get enough of these Amped A10 Balance Bikes. These little head-turners landed here at FunBikes late last year, and since their arrival, they have been making an impression with all the little ones. From those who visit our showroom to our own staff members children – these Amped A10’s are seriously hot right now.

And we can see why!

What Are The Amped A10’s Best Features?

With both children and parents raving about the A10’s we thought we’d take a closer look at what makes these balance bikes such a popular choice. It really didn’t take much thinking about when you take a closer look at the spec!

So, here we go.

Undeniably Cool

There is simply no denying that these little balance bikes are pleasing on the eye. The combination of super-sleek, sporty styling and colourful finish really gives these bikes some real character and presence, especially within the skate park!

Lightweight But Powerful

These colourful characters are currently one of the lightest balance bikes available on the market, which is perfect for both little ones and parents!

Being such a lightweight design, the A10’s is perfect for children to manoeuvre and push with absolute ease. However, when the inevitable happens and either your little one gets too tired to ride or simply rides the bike out of juice, a parent can carry the bike without breaking a sweat!

But don’t be fooled by their size, these balance bikes are fuelled by fun and can certainly pack a punch. Powered by 5.2AH Lithium Battery your keen rider can enjoy 30% more riding time in comparison to other balance bikes on the market!

Easy To Charge

The Amped A10’s features a removable battery, which means when you’re little one has tired their bike out; you can simply detach the battery and charge it inside your home. Forget trying to find a space in the kitchen for the whole bike or running extension leads out of the window to the shed!

Amped A10

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T-Max Quad Bikes For Kids: Everything You Need To Know

07 May 2020 05:18

T-Max Quad Bikes For Kids: Everything You Need To Know

FunBikes T-Max Roughrider 100w, 70cc Quad Bikes offers your child a lot of fun!

It can be hard seeing Mum or Dad in the drivers’ seat all the time and that’s why we wanted to put the kids in the driving seat of their own T-Max Roughrider Quad Bike.

But if you’ve never bought one of our quad bikes before, where do you start?

With so many different options available, it may start at the design of the bike itself, but it doesn’t stop there.

In this article, we’ll be giving you the ultimate guide to our T-Max Roughrider Quad Bikes, so that you know what to look for when buying the perfect quad bike for your child.

We’ll be looking at:

  • Top 5 features of the T-Max Roughrider Quad Bike
  • What’s better electric or petrol?
  • Safety precautions in place

Top 5 Features of the T-Max Roughrider Quad Bike

We believe that our bikes are like no other on the market today.

With a wide range of designs and features, you can find the perfect quad bike for your child.

And whilst it gives your child a sense of independence and control, we’ve added parental controls in our bikes, just to make sure that you can still maintain full control over how fast they can go on the quad bike without hurting themselves.

Of course, as they get older you can change the settings to reflect their experience and their age.

But that’s the boring parent’s stuff!

Really what your child wants to know is what colours the T-Max Roughrider Quad Bikes come in, how fast they can go and if they can rev the bike!

Let’s take a look at the top 5 features of the T-Max Roughrider 100w Quad Bike, that’ll even make Dad jealous.

Electric Key Start

Rather than worry about your child jumping straight onto the quad bike when you’re not looking and riding away, we’ve made sure that you need the key to start the bike.

This is great for parents who want to allow set times for when their child can ride the bike as well as adding to the realism of a child riding their own motorbike.

Twistgrip Throttle

Part of enjoying a quad bike is the ability to rev the bike before riding off into the garden or forest if you’re taking your child for a drive.

The twistgrip throttle not only provides fun revs for the bike, it also provides an easy way to ride the quad bike, is a great way to control speed and even handle the bike.

Forward and Reverse Gear

Let’s face it, kids are bad drivers, always bumping into things such as the house, Dad’s car or getting stuck in a corner.

That’s why we decided to add forward and reverse gears so that the child can easily reverse back and away from danger, and continue riding recklessly… but not too recklessly!

Off-Road Tyres

The Off-Road knobbly tyres allow for driving on all surfaces and in any terrain. Whether that’s sand, grass or concrete, your child will have no problem driving along with ease.

They’re durable and long-lasting to provide extra grip and allow for smoother riding for your child.

Easy Access Intelligent Controller

Choose how you want the quad bike to drive, whether that’s sporty and aggressive, soft and gentle or somewhere in between.

You can control the power and the speed to give you peace of mind knowing that your child won’t hurt themselves when driving at full power.

What’s Better Electric or Petrol?

Whilst most of the T-Max Roughrider range comes as electric, there is the option for petrol-powered quad bikes too.

This is ultimately down to you, as the parent to decide whether or not you want to buy your child an electric bike or a petrol bike. As there are many different pros and cons for each.

Neither is better than the other and both offer your child maximum fun and safety.

Safety Precautions In Place

As we’ve mentioned, you have complete control over the keys provided with the bike, the speed and power the bike distributes to ensure that your child is safe at all times when riding the bike, as and when you decide.

We also provide a safety manual with all our bikes, to help you and your child understand the safety precautions you should take when the bike is being ridden.

As well as safety footwells to protect your child’s feet from getting stuck under the quad bike or the wheels.

We’d also highly recommend looking at our safety jackets, boots and helmets to protect your child when they’re riding at all times and to prevent any injuries whilst riding.

Ready to Buy a T-Max Roughrider Quad Bike?

Take a look at our wide range of T-Max Roughrider Quad Bikes today to find the right one for your child.

We have many different designs available to suit your son or daughter and we’re sure you’ll find the right quad bike for them.

We know that the up-front cost can sometimes be expensive as a one-off purchase.

That’s why we offer a wide range of financing options from Duologi to DivideBuy finance, to help you pay off the price in easier more manageable payments.

They may only be applicable to certain quad bikes, so it’s worth making sure the one you’ve chosen is available for financing.

Whether you decide to pay today or pay over a period of time, getting your child a quad bike is a great investment for many years to come and helps them to understand safety, ownership and responsibility whilst riding and enjoying their quad bike.

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3 Reasons Electric Mini Quads Rock

01 May 2020 12:55
3 Reasons Mini Quads Rock

3 Reasons Electric Mini Quads Rock

Like our name so accurately suggests, we absolutely love everything FUN related here at FunBikes!
Whether it's those 'big-boys-toys' or watching little daredevils take to the riding seat for the first time, when it comes to having a good time outdoors, you could say we know a thing or two!

We know right now that keeping kids entertained during the day is a little tricky, especially with juggling work and not to mention the mounting house-hold chores. And with the long weekend just around the corner, you're likely looking for an over-due breather! 

So, why not sit back and let us take the load off - because we have the perfect solution...

Kids Electric Mini Quads

Whether you've bought a kids quad previously or it's your first venture into these kinds of kids toys, worry not - they are wonderfully simple to maintain, affordable and most importantly keep little ones entertained for hours! 

We love our Kids Electric Mini Quads so much, we are positive that you will too - take a look!

Super Easy To Maintain

When it comes to kids toys like mini quads, we often find that the main drawback for parents is the maintenance. If you've not previously owned a toy like this or not particularly mechanically minded it can seem like a hassle that you don't need. 

But that's the great thing about Electric Mini Quads!

Brilliantly easy to maintain, kids electric mini quads have quickly become an extremely popular choice with parents. Simply charge the quad up and let your little one enjoy!

Perfect For Garden Use

Unlike many petrol mini quads, electric models are often a lot quieter to the ear. Not only will your neighbours thank you, but it also means that you can also relax in the garden while your little one has the time of their lives!

Although they cannot be used during wet conditions, all-electric mini quads are perfect for gentle off-road terrains such as concrete, grass and gravel!

Perfect For All Ages

No matter whether it's your child's first or one-hundredth time in the riding seat, there is always an electric mini quad suitable for their age and riding experience.

Many of our electric mini quads here at FunBikes come with parental controls and all the latest safety features you could hope for. Which means you can completely control speed-settings to ensure your little daredevil enjoys themselves safely! 

FunBikes Kids Quads

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