What Are Pit Bikes, And Are They Street Legal?

06 May 2022 01:40

One of the most frequent questions we get from our customers is, "what are pit bikes? Are they street legal?"

We hope to answer those questions and many more in this article.

What Are Pit Bikes?

Pit bikes are a smaller alternative to other motorcycles, such as dirt bikes and are more lightweight.

Traditionally pit bikes are usually used in pit racing events that staff use to move around the pit areas.

But they've since grown in popularity, and manufacturers have been improving the design and functionality aimed toward children, teens and small adults.

What's The Difference Between Pit Bikes & Dirt Bikes?

The main difference between pit bikes and dirt bikes is that pit bikes are much smaller and less powerful than dirt bikes.

Hence, parents love pit bikes as they're a great way to introduce children to the world of motorbikes.

In terms of power, pit bikes are generally in the region of 50cc - 150cc, whereas dirt bikes start at 125cc and can go up to 750cc and more.

Are They Street Legal?

Unfortunately, pit bikes are not road legal technically.

However, with that being said, you can make adjustments to your pit bike for it to be street legal.

These mainly revolve around meeting the requirements of the DVLA to make the pit bike legal for road use.

For a fully in-depth process of registering your pit bike to be legal on the road, our friends, The Offroaders, have a great article detailing the steps you need to take.

Buy Online At FunBikes Today

We have a wide range of pit bikes in stock and are available to buy today. We stock some of the top brands in the market from 10ten and M2R.

So be sure to head on over to the pit bike range and get yours today!

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Stay Up To Date With The FunBikes Warehouse Deals

22 April 2022 11:16

Whether you're looking to buy a new quad at a bargain price or you're looking to upgrade an old dirt bike, we've always got a fantastic range of warehouse deals running.

What are warehouse deals? 

Our warehouse Deals are products retailed at a reduced price, and we offer the standard warranty relevant to the product. There can be several reasons why the stock is a warehouse deal, such as discontinued lines, change of mind, damaged packaging, superficial damage, missing documentation, samples, exchanges or significant damage. We will always describe the exact issue(s) related to each product.

We ensure that all our warehouse deal products are as good as possible, so you can buy with confidence, knowing that all products are fully improved to be resold. Our technical team thoroughly inspects all items before sale and dispatch.

Warehouse deals are a fantastic option where you can grab a bargain or one of our most popular products at an amazing price.

So be sure to stay up to date with all the latest warehouse deals we have on offer (sometimes you can make savings of up to 50%!), so it's always good to look.

Shop our warehouse deals now.

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You Might Be Missing Out On Exclusive Offers!

08 April 2022 01:28

Introducing FunBikes VIP Rewards!

Every so often, we'll be giving our existing customers and newsletter subscribers exclusive deals and discounts on some of our most popular products.

All you need to do is sign up to our newsletter to make sure you stay up to date with all the latest offers we have to share and you'll get exclusive content that non-subscribers don't get.

In the Spring FunBikes VIP Rewards, we've recently discounted:

Mercedes G63 6x6 Ride On Car - Was £485 Now £398.90!

Mercedes X-Class Ride On Car - Was £299 Now £259!

Ford Ranger Wildtrak Ride On Car - Was £279 Now £225!

BMW S1000RR Ride On Motorbike - Was £179 Now £169!

And that's not all, we've sent exclusive discounts to our newsletter subscribers.

All you need to do is sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the site, and you'll be included in our weekly newsletter, where you'll receive the latest products (before anyone else), exclusive offers and discounts and much more!

Sign up today!

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Shop Our Ride On Toy Bundle Deals Now!

01 April 2022 05:32

Recently, we've been creating lots of exclusive offers and discounts for many of our amazing dirt bikes, electric scooters and quad bikes.

But what about the little FunBikers? Well, we've just launched our ride on toy bundle deals whereby if you purchase any of the ride on toys listed below, you have the option to bundle up with a Dodgem Bumper Car and get £20 off your total order!

Here is the full list of eligible ride on toys for this offer:

  • Ride On 4x4s
    • Audi Q8
    • Bentley Bentayga
    • Ford Ranger Raptor Police
    • Ford Ranger Wildtrak
    • HGV Container Truck and Trailer
    • Landrover Defender (when in stock later this year)
    • Mercedes AMG GLC 63S
    • Mercedes Benz X-Class
    • Mercedes AMG G63 G-Wagon 6x6

  • Ride On Cars
    • Lamborghini Aventador SVJ
    • Mercedes AMG SL65

  • Ride On Motorbikes
    • BMW S1000RR

  • Ride On Quads
    • Urban Racer MX-1

  • Ride On Tractors
    • Tobbi Tractor and Trailer

Choose any of these ride on toys, scroll down the page and you'll see the option to bundle up with a Dodgem Bumper Car to get £20 off your total order.

Take advantage of this amazing offer and start shopping the ride on toy range now!

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Our Spring Sale Has Started!

25 March 2022 11:52

We’ve got some huge offers at the moment at FunBikes, almost all of our products seem to be on a limited time deal!

There has never been a better time to buy a new FunBike than now.

And it’s not stopping any time soon.

We’ve just launched our Spring Sale as we’re all in the Spring mood at the moment as the sun has started to shine here at FunBikes HQ.

So be sure to take advantage of all the offers available in the Spring Sale here.

But to give you an overview, we’ve got the Zero 11X, The Yugen RX10 and the Zero 10X all heavily discounted with huge savings to be made, up to the region of £900!

SAVE Over £900 On The ZERO 11X Electric Scooter

The ZERO 11X reaches the limits, between what is possible for an electric scooter, and that of a motorbike. This is the most rugged and powerful model in the ZERO series and it does not disappoint.

Equipped with dual 1600w high-speed motors, boasting an optimum range of 120km together with a top speed of an insane 95 km/h, yes, 95 km/h, the ZERO 11X is the ultimate thrill-seekers plaything.

This scooter is not for the faint of heart, nor should be ridden without experience and always with safety in mind.

SAVE Over £200 On The Yugen RX10 Electric Scooter

The Yugen RX10 is a high-performance dual-motor drive, dual suspension e-scooter that brings off-road performance into the urban environment.

This scooter is capable of achieving speeds of up to 65 km/h and boasts an optimum range of 85km on a single charge.

With performance that outranks all other e-scooters in its price range, the RX10 is simply great value for money & a clear alternative to other high-performance e-scooters like the Dualtron.

SAVE Over £300 On The Zero 10X Electric Scooter

The ZERO 10X is a high-performance dual-motor drive, dual suspension e-scooter that brings off-road performance into the urban environment.

This scooter is capable of achieving speeds of up to 65 km/h and boasts an optimum range of 75km on a single charge.

Just staring at the 10X can raise your pulse. Originally designed for off-road riding, this body plan was so successful that the designers adapted the scooter for urban environments.

Buy Online At FunBikes

Start shopping the Spring Sale today to take full advantage of all these fantastic offers and more!

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Even More Offers At FunBikes!

11 March 2022 10:45

For those of you who are subscribed to our newsletter, you may have noticed that we’ve got even more amazing offers online at FunBikes.

From the Ranger 800w electric mini quad bike to the Chaos 24v 200w electric scooter, we’ve got plenty of offers that are only around for a limited time only.

So be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with all the new offers we’ll be releasing over the next few weeks and get first dibs on these discounts.

Not to mention, we have lots of warehouse deals still available too, where you can make huge savings of up to 40% on some of our fantastic products.

Warehouse Deals are products retailed at a reduced price, and we offer the standard warranty relevant to the product. There can be several reasons why the stock is a warehouse deal, and include one or more of the following: Discontinued Lines, Change of Mind, Damaged Packaging, Superficial Damage, Missing Documentation, Samples, Exchanges or Major Damage.

However, we will always describe the exact issue(s) which relate to each product. Some products may be fully assembled, and the item may be delivered using a pallet service, and this will increase the delivery charge. In these cases, you will benefit from a fully assembled product with a full pre-delivery inspection.

So you really can buy our amazing warehouse deals with confidence!

Don’t miss out and make huge savings on both our limited-time deals and warehouse deals today!

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Your Favourite Dirt Bike Is On Offer For A Limited Time Only!

25 February 2022 01:47

Perhaps one of our most popular dirt bikes, the FunBikes MXR 50cc Dirt Bike is now available for just £249.00!

This is one deal you won’t want to miss out on, and to give you a better idea of what to expect, we thought we’d give you our top 3 amazing features of this dirt bike to make your decision of getting one of these bikes, much easier!

The Perfect Starter Bike

Ease your kids into the world of motorsport with the fantastic MXR 50cc dirt bike.

The 50cc engine is a good-sized motor that is great for kids to learn on, find their confidence and spend hours and hours of fun riding.

The size and quality of the bike means that this bike will last!

The Red Racing Design

Red will always be recognised as the typical racing car, think Ferrari’s, Lightning McQueen from Cars and now the MXR 50cc!

But the red design isn’t the only thing about this stylish design. The high-quality moulded plastics with a 3M sticker kit ensures that they’re highly durable whilst maintaining the “wow-factor!”.

With the white and black hints across the rest of the bike, it really makes the iconic red racing design stand out.

Not Your Average Dirt Bike

This isn’t a plastic-wheeled, ride on bike. By now, you should know that this is the real deal!

Long-wearing tyres mean that you’re able to ride on this set of tyres for longer and they’re durable enough to withstand both off-road and on-road riding.

And with the higher grade wheel bearings, the bike ensures that your child can stick with it a while as they grow, without having to replace the bike every year.

Finally, with the reinforced Chromoly frame keeping the bike in check, it means it’s stronger than other bikes found in the same price range. And it needs to be! In order to handle the different terrains and challenges on the road that this bike will face.

Shop Online Now!

The MXR 50cc won’t be on offer for long! Take advantage of this fantastic deal by heading over to the product and getting yours now while stocks last!

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Highlighting Our Fantastic Electric Scooter Range

04 February 2022 01:12

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about our electric scooters.

At Christmas, it’s all about the kids and the big Christmas presents, think quad bikes, ride-on toys and more.

But now we’re in the new year and now is the perfect time to showcase our amazing electric scooters.

In this article, we’ll take a look at three of our most popular electric scooters and why you need to get one today!


One of our biggest brands on FunBikes, Gotrax provide a wide range of fun and fast electric scooters.

From the entry-level Gotrax 25v range of scooters to the top of the range Gotrax G4 electric scooter, we’re sure there’s a scooter for you.

And with a wide range of colours, there are plenty to choose from whether you’re a beginner or an expert, find your colour and thrive!


The Chaos electric scooter range has a good mix between adult electric scooters and kids electric scooters.

From the Freeride 48v 2400w to the Chaos 12v 30w electric scooter, it’s another brand that has a wide range of scooters at amazing prices!

And stylistically, they’re different from most other brands due to the fact that many of the adult electric scooters come with a seat for extra comfort for longer rides.


The last one on our list is one of the newer brands stocked at FunBikes.

The Yugen electric scooter range offers a riding experience unlike any other. These scooters really are at the top of the range and for those who are serious about riding!

Take the Yugen RX12 for example, 60v, 25AH and 2400w twin motor, off-road electric scooter, it is the real deal and one of the most expensive electric scooters we have in stock.

But don’t let the price discourage you, if you get one of these, it won’t take long for you to realise why you got it!

Performance, speed, battery, handling, comfort, everything has been considered and designed to a “T” to make sure these scooters remain one of the most popular and respected brands on the market.

Shop Electric Scooters Now!

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Get Yourself Ready For The Race Season To Begin!

28 January 2022 12:51

They’re back, and they’re better than ever!

Our range of 160cc pit bikes is ideal for racing around dirt tracks with friends and even better for competing.

So if you’ve been eagerly anticipating this year’s racing season, then wait no longer as you can enjoy the real-life experience on any one of these bikes.

We’ll be taking a look at three amazing bikes from M2R Racing:


RF160 S2


M2R Racing KMXR160 Pit Bike

Built for the track, the KMXR160 Pit Bike from M2R Racing is one of our most popular bikes at FunBikes.

With a 160cc 4-stroke engine, hydraulic front forks, adjustable rear shock spring and vented disc brakes, it’s a bike that doesn’t require you to be gentle!

M2R Racing RF160 S2 Pit Bike

With a YX Motorsport 160cc 4-stroke engine, the M2R Racing RF160 Series 2 Pit Bike offers an adrenaline rush from a pit bike that has no limits.

The M2R Racing standard features apply, the front forks, the adjustable rear shock spring and vented disc brakes.

The difference? You get a pit bike that looks as menacing and sporty as it rides! The cool red styling, with the large golden front forks, make this bike look as though it means business. You just need to jump on and start it up to see it for yourself.

M2R Racing RF160SM Supermoto Pit Bike

The M2R Racing RF160SM Supermoto Pit Bike is perfect for track racing!

Compete against others with an impressive 160cc 4-stroke single-cylinder engine underneath you as you push this bike to the limits.

From the fully adjustable suspension, the rebound front forks, compression and shock absorbers, you have everything you need for a smooth ride around the track, leaving the motorsport engine to take care of the rest.

Start Shopping Today!

All these pit bikes are available to buy online at FunBikes today.

Be sure to shop our wide range of pit bikes and find the bike that’s best suited for you.

Start shopping now!

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Introducing The New Xtrax Quad Bike Range

21 January 2022 03:44

Our first new release of the year is the all-new Xtrax Quad Bike range.

We’re always looking for the best products to offer our customers, which is why our quad bike range is second to none!

Making way in the quad bike range are the new Xtrax quad bikes. The new quad bike for teenagers. Choose from the Xtrax 150cc Quad Bike, the Xtrax 250cc Quad Bike and the Xtrax E-Sport.

In this article, we’ll highlight all three in more detail.

Xtrax Sport 150cc Adult Quad Bike

Let’s start with the Xtrax Sport 150cc Quad Bike. This beast will dominate both track and off-road performance.

With a 150cc 4 stroke single-cylinder engine, even the lowest engine in this new range competes with some of the best in its class.

Features include, an automatic gearbox, so there’s less time spent on changing gear, and more time focusing on the ride.

The aggressive, wide track tyres allow for both on track and off-road performance, taking on anything in its way.

The first entry in this new range gives us a taste of what’s to come…

Xtrax Sport 250cc Adult Quad Bike

The next level up is the Xtrax Sport 250cc Quad Bike. You get all the same features as you would on the 150cc version, except more power!

If you thought the Xtrax Sport 150cc packed a punch, wait until you experience the Xtrax Sport 250cc version.

This isn’t a quad that requires you to be gentle. Push it to its limits and it will show you why you bought this quad in the first place.

The impressive engine is just one of many features.

Other than the engine, the main difference between the 150cc and the 250cc is the 4-speed gearbox, allowing you to dictate the pace and giving you free rein to be fully in control of the power beneath you.

Xtrax E-Sport Junior Electric Quad Bike

The Xtrax E-Sport Electric Quad Bike is ideal for those who want low maintenance from their quad bike.

Even though this is an Xtrax quad bike, it’s quite different to its petrol counterparts.

But make no mistake about it, it’s one of our biggest and fastest electric quad bikes yet!

With a top speed of 44km/h, electric ignition barrel, easy twistgrip throttle it offers plenty and delivers the performance on all.

With off-road knobbly tyres, the Xtrax E-Sport can cope with any terrain from the toughest of challenges, to the ease of the track!

Shop The New Range Today!

Start shopping the new Xtrax Quad Bike range today! Whether you want to start with the 150cc or Xtrax E-Sport or even the 250cc, we’re sure you’ll love our new range of quad bikes!

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The MASSIVE FunBikes Winter Sale Is Now On!

14 January 2022 03:08


We’re starting the year off the right way, get up to 60% off in our massive Winter sale.

If you missed out over Christmas, don’t worry because we’ve discounted some of our most popular FunBikes quads, bikes, scooters and more!

At the time of writing, you can save on some of these amazing products…

HGV Container Truck And Trailer 4WD Ride On Lorry

Was £489 Now £295! Save £194!

Our new range of ride-on toys features a commercial articulated HGV truck and trailer.

This scaled-down replica offers some great features including a four-wheel drive, a fully functioning lighting system, fully working multimedia and dash and soft EVA tyres which enhances the ride quality.

Perfect for little ones to experience a high-quality ride-on toy experience.

M2R Racing RF140 Supermoto Pit Bike

Was £1,395 Now £1,195! Save £200!

The M2R Racing RF140 Supermoto Pit Bike is almost track-ready straight from the crate!

It’s a great bike for teenagers aged 16+ and has a bunch of features which includes, a YX140 Motorsport engine, M2R Racing alloy triple clamps, treaded road tyres and so much more, making this bike a little speed demon!

Chaos Freeride 48v 2400w Adult Electric Scooter

Was £1,295 Now £950! Save £345!

The Chaos Freeride 48v 2400w Adult Electric Scooter is a fantastic riding experience for any adult.

With features including a two-wheel-drive off-road system, twin 1200w motors, Eco mode for less power consumption and a full LCD display, this scooter offers everything and more that you’d expect from an electric scooter.

Start Shopping The FunBikes Winter Sale Today!

With all these FunBikes on offer and more, now is the best time to bag yourself a bargain and save a lot of money on some of our most popular products.

Shop The Winter Sale Now!

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Christmas Deadline Day!

17 December 2021 10:14

The FunBikes elves are working hard to get your orders to you before the big day. And today, Friday 17th December is the Christmas deadline day!

So make sure you get your orders in today, as soon as possible to ensure you receive your products before Christmas.

Our last dispatch of Christmas orders will be going out on Wednesday 23rd December, so you should receive your products next week.

We’re still taking orders after today and throughout the Christmas period, but we can’t guarantee delivery before Christmas, AFTER the 17th December.

Christmas and New Year Opening Times

Just in case you needed our help or had any questions over the Christmas and New Year period, we thought it’d be a good idea to share our Christmas and New Year opening times with you.

Holiday Opening Times:

24/12/21 Christmas Eve - 9:00 AM–5:30 PM

25/12/21 Christmas Day - Closed

26/12/21 Boxing Day - Closed

27/12/21 Bank Holiday - 10:00 AM–4:00 PM

28/12/21 Bank Holiday - 10:00 AM–4:00 PM

31/12/21 New Year's Eve - 10:00 AM–4:00 PM

1/1/22 New Year's Day - Closed

1/3/22 Bank Holiday - 10:00 AM–4:00 PM

See You In 2022!

What a year it's been!

As we wrap up 2021, we wanted to thank all of our amazing customers for shopping with FunBikes this year!

We’ve got exciting things planned in 2022, with new product launches, exciting offers and the best quads, bikes, scooters and ride-on toys you can get online.

So stay tuned as we’re in for another amazing year!

From all of us at FunBikes, we wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Our Christmas Sale Is Now On

03 December 2021 04:41

We hope you all enjoyed our fantastic Black Friday promotion of our price promise guarantee, we know a lot of our wonderful customers took advantage of it, which is great.

Now that we’re officially in December, we’ve launched our Christmas sale!

Get up to 60% off on some of our most popular and favourite FunBikes products today.

And to top it all off, we’re also offering up to 24 months of interest-free credit on all items over £100.

There has never been a better time to get those last-minute Christmas presents sorted before the big day and make huge savings across most of our products.

Especially if you decide to take advantage of our interest-free credit offer. We can’t guarantee it’s going to be around for long but we should have it for you throughout most of December.

Right now, looking at our Christmas sale, we have huge savings on electric scooters including the Zero 11X discounted from £2,6090 all the way down to £1,999.

Our 10Ten 250RX is also on offer where you can save up to 20%, currently at £1,850.

Finally, the T-Max Roughrider 1000w is also discounted with 0% finance, originally at £695, you can now get a blue T-Max Roughrider 1000w for £599!

With all these fantastic bargains and more, now is the perfect time to take advantage of our huge Christmas sale and get your big Christmas present sorted today!

Shop now!

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Get Interest-Free Sitewide With Newpay!

26 November 2021 01:49

To help our customers out a little bit more this Christmas, we’ve introduced our brand new financing partner in Newpay.

What is Newpay?

Newpay is a flexible financing account that is provided by NewDay.

Once checked and approved you can enjoy credit up to the limit of £2,500 to spend across the FunBikes website.

It acts as a flexible finance plan, so rather than having to pay out one big lump sum, you can spread the cross over three payments, making it easier and more affordable to buy some of our most popular products.

There’s no minimum spend for the flexible credit payment plan, however, there is a minimum spend of £100 which includes any extra services you might need.

Who is Eligible?

If you’re:

Over 18 years old

Have a regular income

Permanent UK resident and have lived in the UK for the last 12 months

Have a UK bank account

Valid email address and mobile phone number

Don’t have an existing Newpay account

Then you should be eligible for credit.

What’s Next?

Simply start the process and spread the cost of your purchases this Christmas and get interest-free credit on all FunBikes items over £100 for up to 24 months.

For the first 3 weeks, you can get interest-free credit sitewide!

And thereafter, you’ll still be able to get interest-free credit, however, it will only be available on certain products, categories and ranges.

Find out about the terms and conditions here.

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3 Best Mini Quads To Buy This Christmas

19 November 2021 02:04

The weeks seem to be going by fast as we near towards Christmas.

And with Black Friday right around the corner, we thought now is a good time to highlight some of the best ranges that we have to offer here at FunBikes.

We’ve already talked about the Christmas 2021 Gift Guide and the 3 Best Pit Bikes To Buy This Christmas.

So this week we wanted to talk about the 3 Best Mini Quads To Buy This Christmas.

T-Max Roughrider 1000w Mini Quad Bike

One of our most popular mini quads at FunBikes, the T-Max Roughrider is a fantastic, all-around mini quad for little daredevils who want to experience the outdoors in style!

With a 1000w motor, 3 gears in forward, neutral and reverse and gentle off-road use, it’s ideal for driving in the garden and racing friends.

Toxic 50cc Mini Quad Bike

If your little one is a bit of a petrolhead, then you won’t want to miss out on the Toxic 50cc mini quad bike.

With a wide range of colours, the Toxic 50cc suits all riders, especially those who are adrenaline seekers!

The 50cc is more than enough power to make a statement, combined with high-quality suspension, large 6” wheels and three-disc brakes, it’s both fun and safe for all who dare drive this quad!

Ranger 800w Mini Quad Bike

Finally, the Ranger 800w mini quad bike offers performance like no other. The powerful 800w motor is fast and surprisingly silent.

With large rugged wheels, high-quality materials for the design and the solidly built frame, these aren’t your typical outdoor toys, they’re the real deal and great for drivers who love to experience the outdoor life and go on adventures!

Join The FunBikes Christmas Club

It’s never been easier to join the FunBikes Christmas Club.

Simply proceed to checkout with any one of our fantastic products and upon the checkout screen, select “This is a Christmas Present” and we’ll be sure to hold onto this until nearer the time, so you don’t need to worry about trying to find a hiding place!

Then, after the 5th December, we start to send Christmas Club orders out for delivery.

Start Shopping Online Now!

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Our Black Friday Price Promise Is Live!

12 November 2021 03:50

Black Friday is right around the corner but we can’t wait to shout out about our offer this Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend.

Whilst we don’t have any specific Black Friday deals, our price promise guarantee means if any FunBikes products you purchase are further reduced before the 29th November, we’ll refund you the difference!

For example, if you buy a Toxic 50cc Mini Quad Bike for £325.00 and we decide to reduce it further after you’ve bought it - we’ll simply refund you the difference, just let us know!

So there’s no need to wait until the 26th November, start shopping now with our price promise guarantee.

What are some of the products you can save on?

Quad Bikes

Save up to 20% on our quad bike range.

Whether you’re looking to get the Toxic 800w, the T-Max Roughrider 90cc or even the Bambino 250w quad bikes, they’re all currently reduced for you to make some fantastic savings.


Save up to 30% on our electric scooter range.

With huge discounts from big brands such as Chaos, Yugen and Gotrax, there has never been a better time to get an electric scooter!

If you’ve been holding out all year for an electric scooter, or if it’s pretty high up on your Christmas list, then don’t miss out on these amazing discounts!

Dirt/Pit Bikes

Save up to 20% on our dirt and pit bike range.

One of our most popular FunBikes products. Dirt bikes and pit bikes are the ideal Christmas present for little daredevils. No need to wait any longer, get your kids’ Christmas present sorted now.

No need to wait until Black Friday, get it today and with the FunBikes Christmas Club, you can tick the box which means we’ll hold on to it until nearer the time and send it out after 5th December.

Start Saving Now

With all these fantastic products already reduced, now is the ideal time to beat the crowd and bag your big Christmas present now!

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Jump Into This Weekend With 10TEN

05 November 2021 01:57

With that Winter chill already in the air, playtime may be limited! But that just means you’ve got more time to look for your next epic, off-road adventure!

Whether you’re looking for a new set of wheels, or you’re relying on a trusty old 10TEN bike, we have an impressive range that may tempt you to upgrade either way!

Designed by racers, for racers, 10TEN is a wide range of dirt bikes and pit bikes, perfect for all ages as an introductory first bike, or for a seasoned professional to enjoy.

Let’s take a look at 3 of our customers favourite 10TEN bikes.

10TEN 250RX Dirt Bike

The newest bike from the UK’s fastest-growing Dirt bike brand!

Freshly revised, ready for the 2022 model line-up, the 250RX features a larger frame to accommodate the 21” and 18” wheels.

With a gripper seat and aluminium silencer fitted as standard, there isn’t much more you could ask for.

The best value full-size adult dirt bike available today is packed with a bunch of features, take a look online now.

10TEN 90R Mini Dirt Bike

The 90R mini pit bike, a more powerful version of the 50R, is the ideal bike for first-time riders or those taking the next step up from a mini moto dirt bike.

Equipped with a 90cc engine that inspires confidence due to its lovely soft power delivery, this little cracker can take anything in its stride!

From field and gravel tracks to a full-blown Moto X course, the 90R will perform with aplomb.

The 90R has a semi-automatic gearbox that is absolutely ideal for a beginner.

Although the 10Ten 90R pit bike is small, it’s tough, reliable and ready to put a smile on your face!

10TEN 125R Pit Bikes

The 10TEN MX 125R 14/12 is a superb all-around off-road machine.

The 125R is powered by a high torque 125cc 4 stroke engine that offers great power throughout the rev range.

While we endeavour to ensure products on our website accurately match the real world product you receive, due to several factors, the hue and/or shade may differ slightly from what is pictured.

On this particular bike, the plastics are closer to a fluorescent orange colour compared to what the images currently reflect.

Order Online At FunBikes Today

10TEN is one of our most popular brands in the dirt and pit bike range. So it’s no surprise these bikes are often going out of stock and coming back in stock.

If you’re interested in getting one, then our advice would be to keep a lookout to see when they’re in stock and buy as soon as you can, because we can’t guarantee they’ll be back in stock by specific dates.

Shop 10TEN now!

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Sleigh The Day With These Amazing Gifts From FunBikes

22 October 2021 01:50

With the Christmas countdown fully underway, we want to keep spotlighting some of our most popular products, and this week we’re going to be looking at an off-roading beast in some of our buggies.

We’ve already spoken about the Trail Blazer GT80 Off-Road Buggy in our Christmas Gift Guide for 2021. And whilst that’s a great buggy, we want to go into more detail and take a look at the full range.

Shark RV50 Mini Off-Road Buggy

Designed with children in mind, the Shark RV50 is a go-anywhere buggy can tackle steep hills, muddy tracks and more.

With features including a low noise engine, adjustable throttle and brake pedals and throttle restrictor, this buggy is both safe and fun, giving your kids the time they need to learn the basics in a buggy.

Trail Blazer GT80 Off-Road Buggy

The GT80 Trail Blazer Buggy is an epic midi sized buggy that seamlessly glides through the toughest terrain with features including off-road tyres, an adjustable driver seat, a 200cc electric start engine, full suspension, cargo rack and adjustable bucket seats with a 5 point safety harness.

If you’re looking for a buggy that offers hours of endless fun, then the Trail Blazer GT80 is a great option for a Christmas present - even snow won’t stop this beast!

Mud Rocks 150 Trail Blazer

The last one on this list is the Mud Rocks Trail Blazer 150, which is a full-sized buggy for adults and teenagers alike.

Features include a 5 point safety harness for complete protection, adjustable seats, adjustable steering wheel and forward-reverse gears.

Join The FunBikes Christmas Club Today!

Order your off-road buggy online today and be sure to select “This is a Christmas present” we’ll know to keep a hold of this until nearer the time, saving you space that you would normally need to hide and store this buggy.

We usually send out the Christmas Club orders after the 5th December.

Start your Christmas shopping now and order an off-road buggy today.

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Only 10 Saturdays Until Christmas!

12 October 2021 11:34

Ok, we know it’s not Saturday, but that doesn’t stop us from getting excited about Christmas!

We just wanted to let you know that there’s still (more than enough) time to get your Christmas Club orders in.

All you need to do, is start shopping on FunBikes as normal, find the big Christmas present you want to get your son or daughter (or any loved one, depending on the FunBike) when you get to the checkout, just be sure to click “This Is A Christmas Present” and we’ll know to hold on to this until nearer the time.

Saving you space in your home from hiding the present until the big day!

We usually start sending Christmas Club orders out from the 5th of December.

For all the information and more, take a look here.

Over the coming weeks, leading up to Christmas, we’ll be writing more blogs about our favourite products, and your favourite products to remind you of some Christmas crackers we have in stock at FunBikes!

If you want to read the main 2021 Christmas Gift Guide, however, take a look at this article we recently released.

With so many exciting FunBikes, and some that are on sale, now is the ideal time to start buying your big Christmas presents for the little ones.

But in the meantime, however, we still have our Autumn sale where you can save up to 60% on some of your favourite FunBikes.

It’s never been a better time to save money and get your Christmas presents now, before the rush!

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3 Best Pit Bikes To Buy This Christmas

08 October 2021 04:24

Last week we posted our FunBikes Christmas Gift Guide for 2021, but we left so many great products out of that blog.

So in this weeks article, we wanted to fill in the gaps and focus purely on 3 of the best pit bikes we have in stock, that you should buy for Christmas, if not before!

We’ll be looking at:

M2R Racing KMXR160 Pit Bike

M2R Racing RF140 Pit Bike

10Ten 250RX Dirt Bike

M2R Racing KMXR160 Pit Bike

Starting off with the M2R KMXR160 Pit Bike and this is one of the most popular pit bikes we have in stock.

And it’s easy to see why, fully equipped with a powerful 160cc 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine, this pit bike roars over all types of terrain, nothing can stop this bike, except you!

Other features include hydraulic front forks that keep the front wheel planted where it’s needed, the adjustable rear shock that allows for a smooth ride and gives great performance feedback to the rider.

The extended aluminium swingarm helps keep the bike stable at speeds and improves the handling and riding performance.

Ideal for teenagers and small adults, this is one bike you don’t want to miss out on.

M2R Racing RF140 Pit Bike

The M2R Racing RF140 Pit Bike is similar to the KMXR160, but completely different in other ways!

Sure you still get the brilliance of technology and design from M2R Racing, the hydraulic front forks, the adjustable rear shock and the extended swingarm, all of which can be found on the KMXR, but other features include the YX Motocross 140cc 4-stroke engine which is fitted with a racing pattern sequence.

This pit bike is perfect for hooning about on fields, through wooded trails, gravel pits and tracks, if you’re looking for a really decent bike, that’s got some ‘trick’, then this is it. And if you want to go further and motocross it, you can easily upgrade the suspension for the ultimate off-road experience.

10Ten 250RX Dirt Bike

From a different manufacturer, we take a look at the 10Ten 250RX Dirt Bike.

Ok, so this isn’t technically a pit bike, but there was no way we could not include it into this list.

One of our best-selling dirt bikes, it never stays in stock for too long, so if you’re looking to buy one, you need to be quick!

It’s easy to see why it sells fast, as it’s one of few full-sized dirt bikes with that engine size, that comes in at an affordable price.

That coupled with the large aluminium wheels, stainless steel spokes, aggressive motocross tyres and a smooth, comfortable ride, and all of a sudden you’ve got a dirt bike that is almost unrivalled.

Shop Pit Bikes At FunBikes Today!

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The FunBikes Christmas Gift Guide 2021

01 October 2021 03:45

Now we’re in October, Christmas is only 2 months away. And we know, there’s still Halloween and Bonfire Night to come before Christmas.

But, with the launch of our annual Christmas Club, we want to make sure all our customers and parents are ready for Christmas 2021.

Therefore, we’ve put together this guide to go over some of our most popular products in different categories so you can help narrow down your kid’s decisions to make it easier to get what you need this year.

We’ll be looking at:

  • Their First FunBike

  • The Petrolhead

  • The Off-Roader

  • The Competitive Biker

Their First FunBike

With so many FunBikess to choose from, it can be difficult to decide where to start and which would be best for your little one, especially if they’ve never ridden before!

That’s why we think the best place to start would be the FunBikes Bambino 250w Electric Mini Quad Bike.

It’s great for on-road and off-road adventures, it’s durable and built to last. And with it being an electric model, it’s almost silent meaning you won’t disrupt the neighbours!

And since this is usually purchased for 3-5-year-olds, we think it’s a great place to start!

The Petrolhead

If your little one is obviously a petrolhead and loves cars and motorsports, maybe you should consider something that packs more of a punch!

The FunBikes Funkart Pro 98cc Petrol Go Kart is the next level for those who have outgrown their first FunBike product and with a 98cc 4-stroke engine, reaching top speeds of up to 37km/ph it certainly packs a punch.

So if you want to teach your little petrolhead the inner workings of a go-kart to help them understand the different moving parts of an engine and get technical in the approach, a Funkart Pro is the way to go.

The Off-Roader

For kids aged 10 plus, the Trail Blazer GT80 Off-Road Buggy is the ultimate off-road vehicle.

It’s fast, it’s fun and it’s durable, meaning you can take it out for a spin off-road, time and time again and it’ll still come back for more!

From steep hills to muddy lanes, the GT80 tackles all-terrain and always comes out on top.

With a 200cc, 4-stroke single-cylinder engine, it has enough power to carry two passengers, so your children can share adventures with their friends!

The Competitive Biker

One of the most-loved and popular FunBikes is the MXR 50cc Dirt Bike.

With so many colours to choose from and a powerful 2-stroke single-cylinder engine, and the roar of the 50cc petrol engine, what more could a kid want?!?!

For those adrenaline-seekers who love to ride fast, this is the bike for them!

Designed for kids aged 6 and up, this is an awesome dirt bike you won’t want to miss out on!

Join The FunBikes Christmas Club Today!

We hope that this guide has helped you find the perfect Christmas present for your children, and if you have found something remember that you can pay today and click the option in the checkout “This is a Christmas present” and we’ll know to store it until nearer the day.

This means, you won’t miss out on any products that are out of stock and you’ve already paid and reserved the main Christmas present for your child.

Start your Christmas shopping at FunBikes today!

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FunBikes Christmas Club Is Officially Open!

21 September 2021 12:47

Yes, we know, it’s still too early to be talking about Christmas. But, as we’re already in the final 4 months of the year in 2021, Christmas will be here before you know it!

Therefore, we’ve decided to launch our Christmas Club to help parents get ready for Christmas by making the big present purchase now and storing it for you until nearer the time.

So if you’re brand new to the FunBikes Christmas Club, we’ll give you a quick overview.

What Is The FunBikes Christmas Club?

A few years ago we launched our Christmas Club to help our customers order their FunBikes products ready in time for Christmas.

Rather than trying to find a large place for storage and hide the presents until Christmas, we store them until around 5th - 20th December and then send them out to our customers, just in time for Christmas Day.

Sounds Great! How Do I Take Part?

All you need to do to be a part of the FunBikes Christmas Club is, when you add the Christmas present to checkout, make sure you tick the box that says “This is a Christmas present” and we’ll know not to send your product straight away, rather keep hold of it until nearer the big day.

Start Your Christmas Shopping Today!

Now that you don’t need to worry about where to store the large FunBikes presents, why not start your Christmas shopping early.

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What Safety Gear Do You Need For A Dirt Bike?

10 September 2021 01:08

When riding any of our products, safety has to be one of the main concerns. Especially when younger riders are just starting out on any of our quad bikes, dirt bikes or even buggies.

Protective riding gear is ultimately essential, even more so than the actual bike itself! We would not advise any of our customers to ride any of our products without safety gear.

It’s also important to remember that the entire body is vulnerable to any kind of injury which can occur from accidents. Therefore it’s essential to make sure you or your children are protected when riding our FunBikes!

Let’s take a look at some of the most important protective gear a rider must wear in detail, below.

Full Face Helmets

The head is probably one of the most vulnerable parts of the body, especially the brain, so keeping that safe at all costs should be the number 1 priority. Especially for younger riders.

However, with that being said - adults or older riders, this isn’t just for kids, we stock an adult range of full-face helmets for you to choose from. With many different colours and sizes available.

So be sure to buy a helmet with any FunBikes product you purchase. It’s crucial that you don’t take any risks and deciding to ride a quad bike or dirt bike without a helmet may be a decision you may live to regret.

Protective Safety Jackets

Safety jackets, also known as body armour can be worn underneath a t-shirt or jacket when riding, this can especially be useful when riding on hot summer days to improve ventilation and get cool air when riding, rather than sweating and feeling heavy in a full riding suit.

The lightweight jacket helps protect your chest, back and shoulders when riding. Available for both adults and children, it’s a must-have for those summer rides!


If you wanted to go more traditional, however, we have a wide selection of full riding suits.

The fabric is hardwearing quilted with collar fastening and velcro belt, similar to those that motorsports riders wear to keep their full bodies protected and covered.

Again, most of these suits will be included with your vehicle, if you choose to bundle up. And we strongly advise you consider it to help keep safe when riding our FunBikes.


Racing boots are different from regular boots in that they have been specifically designed to offer full protection for your feet, ankles, shins and calves.

As with any shoes or boots, getting the right size is key for comfort. And when riding, comfort is one of the most important things.

Racing boots can also ease the impacts of crashing and prevent your feet from getting sprained or twisted.

Shop Online At FunBikes Today!

We’ve got a wide range of safety clothing available on our website. And they are always available to add-on as bundle items. So be sure to check the bundle item options whenever you purchase a brand new FunBikes product.

In doing so, you can save money on your order by purchasing things you’d already be buying separately and in some cases, you can get the cost of a pair of gloves or goggles for free due to the savings made!

Shop safety clothing online here at FunBikes today.

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Catch Some Serious Air Time With Our Amazing Trampolines!

03 September 2021 01:04

A few weeks ago we announced the arrival of our brand new range of trampolines.

The range includes a compact 6ft trampoline, an 8ft trampoline, a large 10ft trampoline and a whopping 12ft trampoline!

So depending on how many kids you have, the size of your garden and how much you love trampolines, we’ve got the size for you.

FB Compact 6ft Trampoline

Starting off with our smallest trampoline in the range, the compact 6ft trampoline offers just as much fun as any other.

Ideal for small gardens where space is an issue, your children can get hours of fun bouncing up and down on this compact trampoline.

Great for ages 3 and over as it helps children develop their balancing skills and fine motor skills.

FB 8ft Trampoline

The 8ft trampoline we stock still is fairly compact for small to medium-sized gardens, but offers a little more area of non-stop bouncing fun!

One of the main differences between the compact 6ft trampoline and the 8ft trampoline is that each size from the 8ft onwards comes with a small ladder to help your children get in and out of the trampoline.

Otherwise, there’s very little difference between the 6ft and 8ft trampoline. If you have the space, we’d advise going for the 8ft, but if space is clearly an issue, or if you only have one child, the 6ft trampoline should be fine.

FB 10ft Trampoline

The big 10ft trampoline starts to take up your garden, so parents beware!

However, the 10ft trampoline can fit 3-4 children on and is sturdy enough to let them bounce for hours upon hours.

With safety features across our range of trampolines including full padding for the bars which hold the net, the safety netting itself, a zip with buckles and reinforced with many springs, they’re safe and promise to deliver lots of fun!

FB 12ft Trampoline

Our whopping 12ft trampoline isn’t for the faint-hearted!

Our largest trampoline we stock can probably fit 4-5 children on having lots of fun and practising their jump power!

Parents, we advise making sure you have the garden space for this gigantic trampoline.

With all the same features as the other sized trampolines, the 12ft trampoline is no different to the other sizes except for how huge it is!

Buy Online Today!

So now you have a good idea of which trampoline to buy your kids and which is best for your garden.

And at the time of writing this article, we’ve heavily discounted the full range of trampolines so you can get the most out of what’s left of Summer by buying a brand new trampoline and make huge savings!

Shop trampolines at FunBikes today!

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Don’t Forget About Our Fantastic Warehouse Deals!

20 August 2021 12:49

Our warehouse deals are products that are retailed at a reduced price!

There may be several reasons why one of our products is classed as a warehouse deal, that could be discontinued lines, change of mind, damaged packaging, superficial damage, missing documentation, samples, exchanges or major damage.

Nevertheless, we still offer the standard warranty relevant to your product and it’s a good chance to get your favourite FunBikes at a reduced cost.

With some huge savings to be made across our range of warehouse deals, they’re certainly worth keeping an eye on to see if the product you’ve been holding out for, comes in at a reduced cost.

Obviously, in order to receive the best and newest quality, we would advise buying the products that are brand new.

But if you don’t mind small superficial damage or even the packaging that has been damaged, then you could pick up a bargain today.

So take a look at our current warehouse deals we have on offer and be sure to stay up to date to see which new products are added to the range.

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