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FunBikes MT4A 50cc 46cm Purple Mini Moto Racing Bike

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MM50 Te


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Mini Moto 50cc Purple MT4A

This is one of the best MT4A series bikes that you can buy and have been designed and built with the enthusiast in mind, with quality being checked at every stage of production. These are not the cheapest bikes on the market, but without question the quality is unsurpassed by any other mini moto pocket bike costing under £200. Please note that these are cheaper bikes and you should not expect the same build quality or performance when comparing them with the £2000+ Italian and Chec exotic race models.

Top speed depends on rider weight, but on average you should see 20-30 MPH with the bike in standard trim. At just inches from the ground it feels twice as fast!  

The 49cc engine we have is reliable, and with tuning modifications, power can be easily doubled, and speed substantial increased. The excellent geometry means the bike steers, turns in, and corners without fuss. Complimenting its sweet handling are the racing tyres, which work better than any other type tyre in either dry or damp conditions. 

To sum up this bike, you have the whole package: a reliable well engineered engine, a race-craft frame, race tyres, and painted fairings. 

Designed as a cheap starter bike for fun recreational use, or for those wanting to try mini moto racing for the first time. Both standard and performance parts to uprate this model, are for sale on this very website!

To enjoy this product to its fullest buyers should have or should know someone with good mechanical knowledge, as maintenance and repairs will required on a regular basis. Some superficial marks and scratches might be present.

Buy now and you could be riding this tomorrow. It's a great bike! 

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